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October 16, 2019
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According to new findings of researchers including researchers from Harvard Business School people wearing colorful socks are perceived as more intelligent, creative and more successful.

The study found that nonconformist behavior influences people’s opinions about us. It concluded, simply, that under some circumstances we think that people with extraordinary appearances are more successful. 

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Reactions from people to people with a touch of intrigue and charm is usually positive. Science seems to suggest that 'you are what you wear', and it's not just the opinions of others that are impacted: you'll feel more confident yourself, too.Although colorful socks are more and more popular nowadays people wearing them are still perceived as bold and creative.  And science proofs that we love such people !But your socks with pineapples or cupcakes on them don’t just have this effect on other people – you will feel more brilliant yourself as well.

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