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privacy policy

a) The personal data collected and stored by Planet Plan. Rafał Hechmann NIP: 9542146377, REGON: 243571042nd This entity is the administrator of personal data.
b) plan planet is serious about safeguarding the interests of our guests, clients and colleagues - in a word all our visitors
c) We respect your right to privacy and the protection of your personal data. Security of your personal data is paramount for us much. We make every effort to protect their due
d) If we collect data about visitors, they are used only for the proper functioning of our service and convenience for our users. None of the collected data are not disclosed to third parties unless necessary to achieve the purchases and payments, or the applicable law in Poland.
e) We use SSL for Internet transmission and gathering all sensitive data

a. the data given by the User Administrator collects and processes in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy.
b. The user data is collected online through the website, e-mail correspondence and are automatically downloaded when using the website (cookies).
c. Data submission is voluntary, it is necessary to conclude transactions through the service profile or assumptions seller.
d. DEKO ECO provides its users the ability to use your service in an anonymous way, but in order to gain full access to the content and services offered through the site, is required to provide certain data:
e. Users of the service from which we collect personal data are:
- Buyer - a user who purchases the products offered by the Sellers on the site plan gives Planet: name, email address, contact telephone number, address, shipping address.
- Seller - when registering the Seller on the site plan planet, you will be prompted to enter a name (for individuals), company name / brand, email address, phone number, and the next steps registration as bank account number, VAT number (in case units engaged in economic activities) and the accurate address data. These data are also used to promote the products of the Seller, and in order to carry out the settlement plan with the portal Planet.
f. The plan planet collects information on interactions with service and services including: information about your computer and login so. System logs contain the date, time and number of visits your computer's IP, which were merged, and the data on the pages viewing statistics, traffic to and from individual sites. These activities are aimed at improving service and adapting it to the needs of the user.
g. Users' personal data is collected in order to enable users to carry out transactions of sale through the site plan planet. Unless you gave your email address and has consented to the transfer of correspondence electronically, the data will be used to send promotional offers and information in the form of a newsletter.
h. The user is obliged not to disclose to third parties information about other users, which he received in connection with your use of the Service, unless you have obtained the consent of the User to which they relate. Obtained through the Service User you may use the information only for the purpose of carrying out the transaction and the execution of contracts concluded as a result of the transaction.
i. In order to realize and handle orders, the Administrator provides the Buyer to the Seller personal information necessary for the proper implementation of the purchasing process.
j. If the buyer chooses the shipment of goods via courier - the operator of the service will provide courier details of both parties to the transaction in order to enable the receipt and delivery of the product. The operator will provide courier service the following data: name of the sender / recipient or company name, mailing address, telephone number indicated by the sender / recipient, the e-mail correspondence.
k. User data can be made available to state bodies authorized to receive them under applicable law and, in the case of settlement default to the Administrator, entities carrying on his behalf proceedings relating to debt collection.
l. Administrator provides users the ability to correct or delete data from a data set. In order to change or delete data, you should send a statement to the Administrator in electronic form or in writing.
m. The removal of the User's account at his request can not be earlier than 30 days from the date of the last transaction in the User Service.
n. The user can at any time opt out of receiving email messages from the operator of a marketing or prohibit the transfer of personal data to third parties (courier companies), unless the ban will not apply to transactions executed. The decision of resignation must be submitted to the Administrator site plan planet e-mail or traditional letter. The resignation will be taken into account by the Administrator in the shortest possible time of its receipt.
a. The service is used "cookies" ( "cookies") in order to better adapt it to the needs of users. Cookies ( "cookies") are small text files sent by websites you visit to an Internet terminal. They allow you to customize the content to the user's preferences and save the settings of navigation. You agree to store cookies on the drive by setting your browser. For information on how to block cookies can be found on the websites of manufacturers used browsers.
b. The plan planet uses Google Analytics to monitor user activities on the site for statistical purposes. In this case the "cookies" are used to store information, eg. On the current start time of your visit, and whether the visitor has been on the site and what the site hit the website Planet Plan.
c. Contents of "cookies" and "web beacons" does not allow for the identification of users, using them are not processed and stored personal data. Most "cookies" is called. session cookies that are automatically deleted from the hard disk after the session (that is, when you log out or close the browser window), some of them and allow for user identification during the re-visit the site - are not removed automatically, enroll in a terminal device .
d. You may at any time be disabled in your browser accept "cookies" but the effect of such changes may be difficulties associated with operating the services provided through the site. Each of the commercially available web browsers have the ability to manage files "cookies", so if you decide to exclude use "cookies" should first become familiar with how to manage files "cookies" placed in helping your browser's.
e. The user can configure the browser used by each other in such a way as to refuse all "cookies"; does not remove "cookies", or send a notification when such files are sent from the server. Zakończaniu user can visit the site to remove temporary files on the device during the end of the session. Described by the producers to lock accept "cookies"

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